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Above all, we truly care. When having someone help you with such a financial and emotional investment as your home, at the most simple level, you want to hire someone whom cares. You want to know that your best interest is always taken into account throughout the process from start to finish.

On the listing side of things, it is extremely important to have the best marketing possible to know you are getting the absolute highest price possible for your home. You want to have proper feedback on your showings and know your agent is always following up properly with each call and after all showings of your home. You want an agent that will sweep your porch after a storm or walk your dog if you are stuck at work- most times, it is the simple things that have the most impact. Myself and my team take pride in these things that can make the difference. Our team logo for many years was “We live in the details” as I feel strongly that it is the small details, added up, that have the most impact. Article in the Atlanta Magazine.

​​​​​​​Prior to coming to Atlanta Fine Homes ten years ago, I was with Keller Williams Realty for ten years. I was known in Keller Williams as jokingly ‘the nicest person in real estate’.  When they would have a few of us on a panel to teach new agents, this was always how the broker introduced me and explained as to why I have succeeded.  I also taught newer agents with Keller Williams for the ten years that I was with them.  I ended each class with an emphasis on how important it is to wake up every day and think about everyone you are helping and say to yourself “If I were them, what would I want done for me today?”- and then do it.


Experience is what makes the difference of a home selling or not with proper marketing. It is also what makes the difference in a home closing once you go under contract. Navigating the contract to close process with ease and being able to overcome hurdles or push back is a large area where experience comes into play.  There are hundreds of possible setbacks in the contract to close process and having an agent that has dealt with them all, helps you to set the scene to avoid these setbacks as well as make the proper decisions and moves to overcome them as they arise. This can come in the format of meeting an appraiser and knowing what to bring and how to talk to them to having the right trusted and time tested vendors come out during your inspection period.  Selling your home or buying your home should be a time of excitement, not stress. It is my job to assure that you feel this way.


Results covers a broad umbrella as in 20 years of real estate, I have tweaked my process and my team to be sure that my clients have the best possible results on both the buying and selling side.

​​I will begin with the most overlooked but most important part of results- agent to agent relationships.  When selling your home, 89% of the time another agent than yours brings the buyer to your home.  This number is huge and shows the importance of your agent being fully connected as well as in a positive light in the realtor community.  This does not happen overnight.  With each area of town that I am working, I have strong relationships that have been developed over 20 years of helping one another.  On the listing side of things, you want an agent that other agents see their name and want to show the listing as they know the process will be a smooth one for their own client.  On the buying end of things, I assure that you do not miss out on a great house as the good ones go in a day or even off-market so staying connected is extremely important. This is also the difference many times of my clients being chosen as the buyer on a home during a multiple offer situation.  This agent intercommunication is one of the many reasons that I joined Atlanta Fine Homes.  We are the #1 office in volume in all of North Atlanta. Each week, we have word of new upcoming listings and the ever changing market conditions and commercial/residential growth in each area. With assuring this connection into the agent community, I know that my clients have not missed any possible opportunity in the marketplace.


I, therefore you, have a full time marketing staff. This has many benefits on the buying side but is much more important on the listing side.  For the listing side, this is immense. In-house, I have a full time listing coordinator whom assures your listing online and in the realtor listing systems has all of the proper information as well as lifestyle photos and video tours.  We both then know that your home shows the best that it can online and has accurate information as almost every showing starts online. I have a full time marketing coordinator whom works with our listing coordinator to be sure that whatever is placed online, print or in your home is perfect.  Not only does your home need to be properly marketed with accurate and compelling verbiage, the right home photos but often drone video/aerials are needed and/or amenities and lifestyle photography.  We ask the question- what is it that will be the differentiating factors that will sell your home? Is it gated, swim/tennis, walkable to shops, a lake, river, trail, etc? An amazing space or immense natural light and privacy behind?  Is the school system a top one to where this needs a photo and remarks? Is the topography a selling point? Of course, everyone wants the home itself to look great but the amenities and area attractions/location are often overlooked as realtors often do not pay attention to this or are willing to spend the extra in marketing costs to properly market these aspects. With the amount of relocation into Metro Atlanta, these items are all extremely important to properly market a home.

​​​​​​​We also pay the additional cost of having whom we feel is the best residential real estate photographer in the city.  She spends hours shooting your home as a work of art with the proper lens and angles as well as knows the emotional photos to take- a twilight shot, tripod shot or up close of a gas light or custom tile work. The editing is intense and colors are tweaked, skies brightened or grass greened if need be. We edit out sparse grass or bring light to dark porches.  Often, there will be an empty room that for some reason we decided not to stage as in person, it was not needed but often, in photo, we decide it is. A dining room is typically a space like this or a master bedroom or even a basement needing a fun pool table- both our photographer can do this or our Sotheby’s program called Curate. We also have a special person that can add a pool to the backyard and it looks real- obviously with a note that it is digitally imposed on the yard but it does give vision and what style pool/location would be best. Aerial photography is one of our favorites as well to add in to showcase your home, land and even surroundings. Sometimes we even add a map image if things are walkable and near with pinpointed locations to those selling points near. Every once in a while a home will show great in video and we add in a lifestyle video. More times than not, video makes rooms look smaller and darker and the photography images are the clear winner but, we of course, offer video to anyone interested as a marketing option.

​​​​​​​We offer staging consultations and for every listing.  1 out of every 20 homes does not need this consult but most homes need some form of help with declutter, a paint update here or there, furniture reconfiguration or adding of a few key accessories to give warmth or a color pop.  Often it’s changing porches, entry foyers, new things on kitchen countertops or dining areas, two chairs to a living space, new rugs or entirely redoing bookshelves for a designer less cluttered art-like feel.   Many times, I will take over a listing of another agent that has been sitting on the market for quite some time.   This is one of my favorite things to do as people are often exhausted and they get excited for a new feel to the home and marketing push. Spaces can feel drastically different with proper staging. Sometimes, the home just needs to be slightly tweaked to sell quickly, better photos and lifestyle marketing and the owners are excited to move on with their next step in life. We encourage anyone to speak with many of our past happy home owners that we have helped through this multiple agent- longer listing time situation.  They are always our happiest! With the help of my stager and/or designer, and marketing team, we spend days or sometimes even weeks, getting the home right to sell.  We then relist it and almost always, it sells within days or a 2-3 weeks and we pop the champagne.  If this is your scenario, I would love to help.

​​​​​​​One last item in the area of results is the ‘friend or family’ talk that I often have with people whom are looking to buy or sell a home. Everyone has a friend or family member  in real estate and especially now with the market back up and everyone jumping into the business or back into the business.  On a $1,000,000 home, the proper marketing could yield you an extra $50-$100k on your home so improper marketing, therefore could cost you $50-100k on your home.  For a $2,500,000 home, the proper marketing could yield you an extra $100-300k on your home, therefore could cost you $100-300k  on your home. I always say then you must like this friend enough to write them a $100k check, as that is essentially what you could be doing by ‘trying your friend’.


"Jenny Doyle is simply amazing and the best realtor I have ever worked with! She is super smart and knows the Milton market better than anyone. She staged our home to make it look amazing, and within 24 hours of listing we had two offers way over a..."

- Anonymous

"I have bought 7 homes in my life and sold 4 spec homes and I have never worked with a more knowledgable team than I did with Jenny Doyle. Her team took care of every last detail from staging, marketing, and an accurate selling price that delivered..."

- Jeff F.

"Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. ..."

- Sheryl A.

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