Organizing Your Home, Simplified

Decluttering and organizing are at the top of the list as we prepare our clients for putting their homes on the market. Pantries and closets are the number one spots that need attention before listing. Our favorite in-home service, LivOrderly, is who we recommend to our clients, and use for our own homes as well. The owner, Olivia, was kind enough to share some great tips about how to make a daunting task simplified, whether your're moving or just ready to get your spaces back on track.

Getting your home in order can be quite overwhelming, so it’s best to start small. Starting with just one junk drawer can help create a perpetual cycle towards organizing your entire home. These simple actions help achieve mental clarity and predictability within your home. This could start with removing stacks of paperwork, decluttering closets, or organizing scattered toys amongst your home. Always start with the area that causes the most daily stress for you. Tips to get organized. Begin with a plan of action, and create three piles for your belongings: donate, keep, and trash. This visual system can help you sort through your items efficiently and provide a strategy for decluttering. Prioritize clearing out your donation pile as quickly as possible. Assign a designated spot for every item in your home, so you can easily find and access what you need. If you take some time to tidy up before bed, you can wake up to a clean and organized space, which can improve your outlook for the day ahead. Remember that maintaining your space is crucial to staying organized in the long run. When should I ask for help? Your house doesn’t have to be an extreme circumstance to reach out for help. Sometimes, your home needs to be looked at through a new perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when your comfort is compromised within your space. Being proactive about your home organization creates a functional foundation to build upon. What does a professional organizer do? The purpose of this process is to create a home that brings calmness and makes you proud. LivOrderly strives to implement storage solutions and effectively manage homes to establish a more orderly and overall time-saving approach. By starting small and asking for help when needed, you can create a functional space that brings calmness and clarity to your daily life.

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