Milton's Vibrant Horse Community

One of the reasons people fall in love with Milton is for its' equine properties. Milton has long boasted a strong and proud equestrian community -- a reflection of its deep rural heritage as well as an ongoing desire to engage with those who love the equestrian lifestyle and everything it involves. Some members of this community own horses; others ride them; and there are many more who simply enjoy living in a place full of horse farms, pastures, and people who understand the meaning, benefits and specialness of Milton's unique equestrian lifestyle.

It’s almost inevitable you’ll spot a horse or two when driving around the city. But until recently, there wasn’t much data showing exactly how common horse properties were. The Milton Equestrian Committee took on the challenge last year, to get a better understanding of the prevalence of horse properties and the vibrancy of the local equestrian community. Milton is home to over 200 active horse farms. This figure doesn’t include a handful of other properties with other animals or larger lots that are set up to have horses, so this number could easily grow at any time.

One of the things that makes Milton unique, when it comes to equestrian matters, are how its horse forms are woven into the fabric of the city. This map  speaks to this fact. It shows half-mile radius bubbles around some of Milton horse farms. These forms are not clustered in one location but rather dispersed widely between neighborhoods. Some have a few horses; others house a dozen or more. But whatever the size of these horse farms, they are central to Milton and its distinct equestrian identity.



To learn more about Milton's equestrian community, click here. Or to join the Milton Equestrian Committee, click here

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