Milton Honey Stands

The Jenny Doyle Group

Everyone is loving the Milton honey stands that are popping up! The first one was across from The Union restaurant and then another recently came up off of Redd Road. The stands are all honor stands with Venmo as payment or you can find their product downtown at the popular Sis and Moon store. They are selling out quickly and replenishing often- it has been a hit! Especially now, we are all supporting local vendors and trying to keep Milton warm and snuggly as it grows.
What’s the history? The honey-making began as a fun pass time in 2015 for Ed and Carter Parsons. Now, they have 20 beehives at their ‘Milton Honey Farm’ and they have made 75 gallons this year so far. They sell all raw honey made with no added high fructose corn syrup or any artificial sweeteners. Raw honey is great for so many reasons. See link: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey.
How does it all work? The bees eat nectar from April to mid-June but after that, the Parsons feed them sugar and water which the bees make into honey and eat through the winter.
Their family also uses honey to make hand soaps, lip balm, and all kinds of lotions. They also have a Facebook page you can order from direct if the stop and Venmo are not for you. I got one this week and it made for a fun ‘pay it forward’ opportunity by being able to pay for the next person/leaving one honey bottle there with a note under saying ‘surprise, someone bought you this honey- Merry Christmas!’. Stop by and do the same. Cheers to the holidays and one another here in our amazing city of Milton!


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