Capitalize on the Demand for Home Pools and Spas


Some homebuyers and homeowners may wonder whether a pool is an asset or a liability — but not in the luxury market. One of the best things about luxurious aquatic amenities is that they’re not depreciating assets that age poorly or fall out of favor. As long as they’re beautifully incorporated into the property’s design and kept in good condition, the added worth of pools and spas stands the test of time. Pools and spas can add value to properties in several ways.

The desire for proximity to water never wanes — whether that’s an ocean or lake, or pool. In fact, as affluent buyers permanently relocated to suburban or vacation markets over the past few years, this demand has only increased.

It then comes as no surprise that luxury spas, and swimming pools are prized by buyers, offering them prime recreation and rejuvenation in the privacy of their homes.

In Georgia, spas and pools may serve as almost year-round amenities that absolutely increases the value of a home. I’ve seen that when a residential property is enhanced by these features, it achieves a resort-like ambiance that can raise its value by over $75,000.

In terms of the top design trends for these amenities, naturalistic styles, and settings generally hold the greatest appeal for our luxury buyers.

In almost all cases, these amenities serve as seamless extensions of the living area rather than standalone retreats separate from the home. They need to be conveniently situated to bring about ease, fun, and entertainment — the type of lifestyle where you can step out of your primary suite, enjoy a dip in the pool or a soak in the spa, then grab a drink from your outdoor wine fridge.


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