20 Items A Professional Home Organizer Would Let Go

For all things home organization, we look to our friend Olivia with Liv Orderly. Olivia's mission is to turn chaos into calm. She believes a well organized space not only looks great but also boosts productivity and brings peace of mind. We couldn't agree more. As the weather warms, and we look to do our spring cleaning, we've asked Olivia to share a list of items she recommends letting go of first, when starting to declutter your home.



1.       Mismatched socks

Reduce clutter, easier to find matching pairs.

2.       Tupperware without lids

Declutter kitchen, free up storage space.

3.       Expired food (cans, flour, condiments)

Prevent food poisoning, make room for fresh items

4.       Pile of bags (you just need a few)

Reduce clutter, free up closet or storage space.

5.       Clothes that don’t fit / haven’t worn in years

Declutter wardrobe, make room for items you actually wear.

6.       Old shoes

Free up closet space, donate or recycle to make room for new shoes.

7.       Unused or expired makeup and beauty products

Declutter, prevent skin reactions from expired products.

8.        Excess water bottles/tumblers/to-go cups

Declutter, free up kitchen storage space.

9.        Empty candles

Declutter, recycle or repurpose containers.

10.   Paperwork/ mail / kids artwork (not the 
good stuff) 

Reduce paper clutter, digitize important documents or 

11.   Old toys (baby stuff, age-appropriate, all 
the little pieces)

Declutter, donate to children in need.

12.   Your iPhone boxes 

Free up storage space, recycle packaging.

13.   Expired medications and supplements 

Ensure safety, prevent accidental consumption

14.   Outdated electronics (old chargers, 
cables, devices) 

Declutter, recycle electronic waste. 

15.   Unused kitchen appliances or gadgets 

Free up counter or cabinet space, simplify meal 

16.   Excessive amounts of cleaning supplies

Declutter, streamline cleaning routine.

17.   Broken or unused furniture

Free up space, create a more functional living 

18.   Old magazines, newspapers, or catalogs

Reduce clutter, free up storage space.

19.   Outgrown or damaged linens and towels

Reduce clutter, free up storage space

20.   Unused or broken sporting equipment

Declutter, free up space for items you actually us

If you need a little extra help with organizing your home, you can reach out to Liv Orderly here, or find her on instagram @Liv_Orderly. 

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